Oct 22, 2014

Had such an awesome time with @starttheride at the #onanysunday premiere tonight! The film was phenomenal and I got to chat with some incredible people. #motorcycles (at Dolby Theatre)

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Oct 22, 2014

Super early morning belated birthday breakfast. RG @missdbennett: 7 am. Just receiving bfast love from @monicaolive and @jonnyjayactout with @ariya_grace . This life! #neverendingbirthday

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Oct 19, 2014

Her face caught the fire of the sun as it descended towards the horizon // let yourself be inspired by everything #nostrilshot

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Oct 19, 2014

Guys, this heli-COP-ter has been circling super close to our house for the last thirty minutes. I think something shady has happened very nearby! Then I took a photo, then they left. So maybe it’s just a friendly Sunday morning policeman wake up call! “Rise and shine, lovelies! Don’t sleep the day away!” #ghettobird #helicopter

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Oct 18, 2014

Hanging with my man @jonnyjayactout in Turlock! What an amazing night. @jmjergenson and @ericjergenson - congratulations! We love you two!


Oct 17, 2014

Absolutely incredible welcoming spread for our arrival to Turlock late last night. Complete with fresh fruit, homemade cookies, and a gorgeous photo of the two of us during our trip to Italy. @jonnyjayactout’s family is so awesome. #grateful

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Oct 16, 2014

So proud of my super talented homegirl @devinwinter who styled this awesome video art project with the stunning dancer and lovely lady @aishamarykuryana. They documented their road trip by dancing in amazingly beautiful locations. Check out this gorgeous dance ON THE EDGE OF THE GRAND CANYON. #art #dance #inspiring

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Oct 14, 2014

Here’s a headshot in honor of the audition I showed up 24hours early for. That’s dedication, guys! #whoopsie

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Oct 12, 2014

Lovely Sundays with @jonnyjayactout. Fresh cut flowers and homemade feast on the porch edition! Not pictured: @devinwinter & @cut_blow_buzz #lalife #brunch

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Oct 11, 2014

My girlfriend is finally back from getting some updates, so I’m taking her for a ride! #Lola #favorite

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